April 2024

  • three good things.

    Three good things that happened today that I am happy about:

    • I passed my Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course, which means I am completely done with all my first term classes, and passed all four of them. I’m very, very proud of myself.
    • I stayed up late last night to watch ATEEZ at Coachella and it was SO GOOD. They also announced their latest comeback today, their new mini-album drops on May 31!
    • After running errands today, I came back home and took a REALLY GOOD NAP. I normally can’t nap during the day but I was OUT (probably because of the two above things). I woke up feeling very refreshed and in a good mood.

    What good things happened to you today?

  • an awesome find.

    My friend K and I were poking through a vintage market this Saturday when she pointed out a cabinet with some film cameras. In there was this Olympus Mju Zoom 400.

    Not only did it come with a case and the original manual, it was TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. Cleaned it up a bit, popped a fresh battery and roll of film in it, and it works! I’m excited to see how the pics come out.