happy birthday wp

I find it hilarious that I woke up today wanting to do something with my site and then I find out that it’s WordPress’ 21st birthday.

Let me think…I’ve been using WordPress to blog since…maybe like 2003-2004 or so? I originally started truly blogging with Greymatter – before that it was all just built in MS Frontpage and uploaded with FTP. I know I switched to WP before Katrina in 2005 because I was updating the site pretty frequently while I was evacuated.

Anyway, happy birthday, WordPress. You’re legal now, go have a drink.

(pictured, Wapuu, the official WordPress mascot)

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  1. Congratulations on your blog’s longevity! Because I’m an old, you just hit me with a nostalgia wave of MS Frontpage and FTP. Oh FTP, those were the days.

    1. Right? Frontpage especially! I remember when I moved to Dreamweaver and I was like WHOOOAAAAAA SO DIFFERENT.

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