never enough.

I mentioned on Mastodon yesterday that I’ve got a craving to just completely wipe this blog and start over. I don’t want to do that, though, because I don’t want to lose all the work that went into my other sites and this one.

But I do feel the need to change some things up. Maybe it’s just because the season has officially changed, maybe it’s just me procrastinating so I don’t have to study. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but I want to mess with something.

I added a “now” page yesterday to talk about what I’m doing in life these days, and I’m probably going to add an “ideas” page with things I’d like to do with this site or just tinkering online in general. I also want to do a redesign, but I’m not sure what I want to change – I like this site style, but maybe the layout just needs some adjusting. I may move most of my sidebar stuff to separate pages, not sure yet.

But the biggest thing is that I’ve been eyeballing Ghost as a new blog platform. I know, funny how I’m looking at that since WP’s birthday was just yesterday. But I really want to streamline the CMS I’m using, without having to go to a full static site build. (Although learning how to make a site with 11ty is on the ideas list.)

I guess site ownership is like home ownership – you’re always working on where you live.

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